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KEA Cabin with the addition of an ensuite


5.4m Long x 2.4m wide         approx 13sqm floor area


As per KEA cabin with the addition of;

Fibreglass shower 900x900

PVC wet wall lining

Safety glass door

Shower mixer and rose of slide rail

Ceramic Toilet and cistern

Wall-hung vanity unit with cabinet

Externally mounted Gas Califont 10lpm

1x exterior hose tap

800H x 600W window with frosted glass

Price from    $25,000 

Optional extras include:



Painting, exterior and/or interior

Double glazing

Extra power points, lights

Enquire with your requirements.

Optional Extra Trailer:

There are 2 types of trailers

1. Site trailer - built strong enough to support the cabin but not with suspension, brakes, lights etc.

Ideal just to move on site if required.

2. Road worthy trailer- built to specifications required to be registered and warranted on the road